Commitment to Sustainability

Scarlet & Gray is committed to maintaining safe, healthy, and environmentally sound facilities for the customers we serve. As a company, Scarlet & Gray understands the importance of remaining dedicated to Environmental Stewardship while providing quality services to our customers and their communities.

Through constant research of industry improvements and evolvements, Scarlet & Gray studies and implements environmentally friendly cleaning products and cleaning procedures whenever applicable.

As industry advancements occur, and as new energy and resource saving methodologies are created, Scarlet & Gray works to instill these practices and operations as soon as they can be properly executed.

Examples of these practices in action at Scarlet & Gray include Kai-Vac No-Touch Cleaning™ in restrooms, using backpack vacuums utilizing four-level filtration, and changing can liners less frequently to eliminate unnecessary waste.

Scarlet & Gray is committed to minimizing residual cleaning agents displaced into the environment. Scarlet & Gray always takes the precautions necessary to keep harmful emissions to the minimum level possible while performing all cleaning tasks.

Scarlet & Gray reviews this Environmental Stewardship Policy every 12 months. Scarlet & Gray commits the proper resources to further advancing, improving, and implementing the Environmental Stewardship Policy.

Sustainability Tips From Scarlet & Gray
  • Turn off lights when areas are not in use
  • Only change trash liners when necessary
  • Clean with cold water
  • Keep parking lots and sidewalks clean
  • Have proper matting at entrances to keep dirt out
  • Keep windows and doors closed when heat or air conditioning is running
  • Have a workable recycling program in place
  • Back pack vacuum instead of dust mopping to improve indoor air quality
  • Have a schedule for changing air filters
  • Use the proper amount of chemical when cleaning